To be seen and not heard

To be seen and not heard

Something my mum and grandmother used to say when I was young: children should be seen and not heard. Well, in some respects that stuck with me for many years. It never hit me until I saw someone post something in a group I am connected with about this. And it got me thinking.

I have always been afraid to be seen and not voice my truth. I just play a role, up until now of course. As a child growing up, I lived in the shadows of my sister, who was the beautiful one. I was often labeled as the naughty, disobedient one. I was and partially still am afraid of success, too, which is exactly why I have embarked on this journey of truth and visibility.

I continue along this path to not only prove to myself I have something to say and I, like many others, am worthy of success. The bigger reason I continually put myself out there and share the warts and all of my story is about all of you. I want to light the path ahead. I’m one of the enlightened ones who knows, as I’ve said before, that the only reason why I was served up so many big life lessons one after the other and survived without breaking is to take those lessons and turn them into good.

There will be plenty of you who are a long way into your journey of freedom and new beginnings, but just as many right behind me following in my steps hoping to break through fears and discover a sweeter life.

There’s a lot of hope for 2015 and, as I have discovered by talking with people, there are some really bold steps being taken in search of the new happily ever after, myself included. It is possible, but you have to want it enough for yourself to make headway on that journey.

Gosh I remember it wasn’t so long ago I really wanted to share on my private FB page inspirational stories and quotes. I never did for the fear of being criticized. As I continued along my own personal development path, I realised my own mindset was holding me back and keeping me hidden from what I felt like doing at the time.

My, how things have changed. I grew myself a pair of metaphorical balls and told myself what have I got to lose and jumped.


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