Shake it baby shake it

Shake it baby shake it

I was up early this morning, too early for a weekend off. Instead of getting up and rushing around I decided to stay in bed. I was obviously tired, because I slept for another three hours. Sleeping in meant that I had missed my usual exercise class. Rather than beating myself up for missing the class, I decided I would try something different and do a Zumba class.

I loved to dance once upon a time. In fact, I was hooked on a dance class I used to go to every Saturday, religiously before I had my kids. When I arrived at the Zumba class it was packed, so I knew it was going to be good.

As we warmed up, I felt a sudden rush of emotion, so much that I was nearly crying. Zumba is meant to be fun right, so why the heck was I about to cry? I realised it was because I was doing something pleasurable and fun, which reminded me of the things I used to enjoy.

We all know that dance is a form of self-expression, there’s no judgment, unless of course you get in your own way and start comparing yourself to others around you. When I feel emotion like this, I know it’s because I’m doing something that lights me up inside. That’s my ‘yeah baby” indicator going off.

What stops you from feeling good inside? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Why don’t I give myself permission to do something I enjoy?

Here are the excuses I’ve told myself before;

  • I’m a mother now, I can’t do things like that
  • Never have the time
  • Not enough money
  • Always got stuff to do
  • My partner won’t let me
  • The kids need me
  • I feel guilty taking time out for myself

I know you’re sitting there reading this and nodding your head. We all make excuses not to do something at one time or another. Seriously people, if you do not make your own self-care a priority it aint gonna happen for you.

There won’t be box that gets delivered to your door with a note inside saying permission granted. You get one chance to live life, so decide how you want to live it. The choice is yours. Don’t you deserve to feel vital, energized and healthy?

It’s the first thing that goes when you have kids, your own self-care and doing things you really enjoy. Don’t let it be that way. You will be a far more balanced mum when you have pleasure in your life. Of course pleasure doesn’t just have to be exercise. It can be anything that makes you feel good.

Here are some of the things on my pleasure list;

  • Cuddles in bed with my kids each morning. This time is precious
  • I absolutely love going to the farmers market each week to support local farmers and buy the most amazing produce
  • I love listening 80’s music, yes that was my era of coolness
  • Brunch is my favourite meal out
  • Burning beautiful smelling candles
  • Hot showers
  • Sleeping

So go off and decide how you can bring that “yeah baby” feeling back into your life. Come and tell me what you’ve decided to gift yourself with. If you know someone that needs a gentle nudge in the right direction, show them this post.



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