Ten Reasons My Separation Became My Biggest Blessing

Ten Reasons My Separation Became My Biggest Blessing

When you’re in a world of turmoil and going through a separation, it’s hard to image that you will ever escape the stress, anxiety and uncertainty you feel. I have always been a big believer that things don’t happen randomly to us.
We are thrown these curve balls in life because there is something we need to learn. Get too cocky and watch the universe or life throw something your way to knock you off your pedestal. But make the best out of a bad situation and I do believe the rewards will come.
I wouldn’t continue to do what I do unless there was a greater purpose behind it all?
Here’s what I have uncovered since my separation:

1. I have a new-found respect for myself. I knew I was resilient and strong, but my willingness to take a look at myself and make some serious changes in my life is something I feel proud of. I wouldn’t have had the incentive to do so if I was still in my relationship.

2. l feel comfortable making decisions and choices that support my path in life rather than those that detract from it. I strongly believe that the people that have been in or around me have been my greatest teachers. They have taught me so many things about my personal boundaries and how to maintain them.

3. I see life through a different lens and feel nothing but gratitude for where I am today. I couldn’t say that before my separation. I felt like a victim of my circumstances, burdened with expectation and responsibility.

4. I’ve given myself permission to invest in my own well-being. I have learnt to listen to my body, surrender when I need to and be OK with doing nothing. I have let go of the fallacy that I need to keep busy all of the time.

5. I have an incredible kit bag of tools to draw upon when I need them, whereas before I felt trapped in my own small certainty. Now my knowledge and awareness is so much more expanded.

6. Life is much more harmonious and peaceful and I can see that’s how it’s supposed to be.

7. Feelings of fear, anxiety, worry and stress are slowly dissipating and I have a greater sense of trust that I’m exactly where I need to be.

8. I’m triggered less. I don’t feel the need to fight or defend myself as much as I did before. If people don’t like certain things, but I’m honoring myself, then that’s a matter for them to deal with – not me.

9. I see now more than ever that I am in control of my life and of my path. I am able to live on my own terms and not by someone else’s rules.

10. I have come to understand my own worth again. Next time around, when I’m ready for love, I know I will be more of a whole person and won’t settle for something that doesn’t feel right to me.

My separation was the greatest wake-up call I’ve ever had. If I hadn’t experienced what I did, then I would have been playing a role in life that would have left me feeling empty and even more of a victim. I see so many things that I couldn’t see before about myself, my family and all the relationships that I had been in the past, but now I have the opportunity to do something about it.

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