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His rules, my rules, who overrules?

His rules, my rules, who overrules? It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas… This year I feel super excited that life is quite different. This will be my second Christmas as a rockin’ single mumma. The kids are another year older and, of course, are more excited than I am. It’s been touch and […]

Friends and family

Friends and family You can’t choose your family, but you can sure as hell choose your friends! Last week while my kids enjoyed their music class I was chatting with a friend about the rough couple of weeks I just had prior. I felt as though I was a rubber band that had come so […]

Just stop doing and look for magic

Just stop doing and look for magic As the responsible strong one, it’s never been a part of my make up to sit still. A character trait from my dad. My daughter is the same way. But when you don’t take a break, you pay a price. It’s now been more than a year since […]

Buckets and spades

Buckets and spades, no spare coins “So kids, how about we go to the beach today?” “Yes, and make sure we take some food to the beach, so I don’t get hungry,” my son said. Buckets, spades, towels, suntan lotion, hats, drink bottles, snacks, kids in car and off we went. The kids and I […]

I broke my one cardinal rule

I broke my one cardinal rule I copped an earful from my ex for being a half hour late to pick up the kids. It took me smack bang back to a year ago. Today, I was not in the mood. The day started with both kids waking up and coming into my bed, as […]

Not enough self-love can cause accidents

Not enough self-love can cause accidents I got Christmas shopping out of the way early. How good did I feel? I say every year I’ll get it done ahead of time and never do. I was running around like a mad cat on Saturday, but was pretty happy with my achievements. I had to fit […]

The turning point

The turning point One Saturday afternoon when the kids were with their dad, I sat on the end of my bed feeling particularly angry and resentful. Like a broken record, a message someone wise told me kept playing in my head. “What purpose does it serve you to keep feeling like this?” No fing purpose […]

What to do when your ex moves on

What to do when your ex moves on I had one request of my ex when I left. I asked that when he was ready to move on, knowing full well it wouldn’t take him long after I left, that he let me know if that person was going to be in his life long-term. […]

The ugly truth

The ugly truth Most people around me would say it’s hard to get to know me. I always appear strong and confident and I’ve never been one to express my feelings. I tend to keep them locked away. Sure I told a few friends bits and pieces of what happened, but not to the magnitude […]

The burden of responsibility

The burden of responsibility With some of the major hurdles like Christmas and the kids’ third birthday out of the way, and my mum beginning to improve from her breakdown, it was time to focus on me. After two years of feeling completely numb, a lot of emotions began to bubble up to the surface. […]